A Sample of Reviews for Carl Dimow:

Border Crossings

"Dimow created his Klezmer Suite as a way to celebrate his tenure with the Casco Bay Tummlers klezmer band. The melodies elicit moods of joy and sadness and are overall a celebration of life. Dimow "klezmerizes" his conventional flute tone by bending pitches for musical emphasis and allows his sound to momentarily go out of focus for added sensuality. I especially appreciated the educational notes about the names of the rhythms and styles that I was hearing in each movement."
– The Flutist Quarterly, Spring 2011, view the full review (download pdf)

The Acadia Session

"Italy has welcomed American jazz artists over the years, often providing musical support for them from a cadre of homegrown players. Things sort of came full circle when local jazz/world/klezmer flutist Carl Dimow met the accomplished Italian vocalist Giuppi Paone in the summer of 2012 while she was visiting a friend in Portland...Paone's "Late-Late Nite Ferry Blues" is one of the most wide-open tunes in terms of collective expressiveness, with Tipton, Dimow and Paone traversing the dark waters established by Clark and Porterfield. This piece and "La porta sull'oceano" confirm that this group, full of a spontaneous intimacy, found harbor in Portland while still hearing the call of the open sea..."
– Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald, September 12, 2013, view the full review (download pdf)

"Good stories don’t always make good music, but this time around it’s hard to deny they captured an intimate moment of improvisational wizardry and musical freedom…This is adventurous, fun collaboration that makes for a living, breathing recording, and ought to be a roller-coaster in person."
– Sam Pfiefle, Portland Phoenix, September 19, 2013, view the full review (download pdf)

New Music Concert:

"The flute solo, written and performed by Dimow, was a feast for the ears and spirit. The program illustrated his ability to perform within and outside the parameters of classical music."
– FACE Magazine

Kolosko Dimow Duo's nos·tal·gia:

"The Bachianas Brasileiras by Villa-Lobos is stunning on bass flute. This is a great recording that I highly recommend."
– Flute Talk Magazine

"Nostalgia features some truly sublime playing, both meditative and playful, as well as a successful delivery of the sentiment expressed in the title."
– Portland Phoenix

Casco Bay Tummlers Journey:

"This is true folk music of the Klezmer kind, paying tribute to the deep roots of the music from Eastern Europe and beyond. Fun and frolic, but also pathos and yearning abound. This is emotionally charged music, played with abandon by musicians who are clearly comfortable with each other...The reworking of two classic tunes for clarinet into flute solos is just brilliant."
– Elizabeth Watson, Greater Boston Flute Association

Flute and Guitar Recital with Keith Crook:

"The skills and abilities of this duo were immediately apparent...Dimow mesmerized his audience with what I can only describe as an aural hologram of multiphonics, key slaps and the ancient technique of circular breathing. The audience responded with strong applause."
– FACE Magazine

Jazz review:

"The music they play is fresh, real jazz unfurling, flapping and snapping before our eyes and ears, with a repertoire that reflects these men's deep musicality...Dimow truly understands his instrument. His large musical vocabulary informs and expands, never confines, his jazz performance."
– Maine Times

Flute and Piano Recital with Cheryl Tschanz:

"The closing piece, Sonata in D by Sergei Prokofiev, brought the whole concert together. The audience was at its rapt best. It is impossible to even think of anyone saying a single thing in the face of the beauty of the music."
– Bridgton News

Theater Review - She-Who-Loves:

"Other reviewers might have begun with the music. I acknowledge my limitation in describing this extraordinary score. Chants and rounds entrance and float through this haunting production."
– The Times Record