Carl is a gifted and committed teacher on both flute and guitar. It is not unusual for students to study with him for six to eight years. Carl's students frequently win competitions and are often the top players in their schools. His flute students regularly get top chairs in the All-State Band, the All-State Orchestra and in the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. His students have won the Pinetree Competion and the Gould Award and have made it into the elite All-State Jazz Combo. A number of students have gone on to careers in music ranging from classical flute to blues guitar.

At the same time, Carl enjoys working with beginners, average students and adults. Carl says, "If the student wants to learn, I'm happy to work with them."

Carl teaches out of his beautiful home studio in South Portland, Maine.  He recently retired from Colby College where he taught guitar lessons from 1981 - 2017.  He also taught both flute and guitar lessons at the Waynflete School from 1982 - 2003.

Fees: $50/hour, $30/half-hour

You can reach Carl by email.


"Carl Dimow is the kind of flute teacher every parent hopes to find for their child. An excellent musician in his own right, Carl instills a love for music and an enthusiasm for learning in all his students. He is creative and supportive. He thinks about student development all the time, taking your child to new levels by involvement in master classes, jazz ensembles and more. His gentle manner is an added bonus."
-- Stephanie Loiacono

"I wouldn't be a musician now if it weren't for Carl!"
-- Nicole Rabata, classical and celtic flutist

"Since studying with Carl I have completed three degrees in music and am now working as a teacher and flutist. This is not just a credit to Carl's guidance, but also to the constant support and encouragement he gives his students. I have been lucky enough to study with many renowned flutists over the years, but few have matched Carl's ability both as a teacher and a performer. I consider myself truly lucky to have studied with him." 
– Leslie Harrison,

"Carl possesses a wonderful combination of knowledge and personality. On one hand, he's like a walking book – it seems as if there's no area of musical knowledge too obscure for him. On the other hand, he's extremely personable and genuinely interested in his students. The great thing about Carl is that, using the same sharp ear that won't let you get away with even the smallest mistake, he'll listen to any question you have, no matter how simple you think it may be, and surprise you with a thoughtful and incisive answer. Working with Carl, I quickly realized that the way he interacts with students isn't about obligation, but rather genuine interest and respect. For this reason, my weekly lessons at Colby were events that I worked towards and not for. Looking back, I realize that Carl's lessons were some of the most valuable experiences that I had at that time. By the end of my four years at Colby, music had become an indispensable part of my life and Carl, a true friend."
– Robby MacBain, guitarist, Colby graduate

Residencies and Workshops

Please contact Carl for more information about any of the following:

Flute/guitar coaching

Workshops/sectionals for middle and high school students with a focus on improving fundamentals while solidifying repertoire.

Flutes of the World

An entertaining and educational performance for all ages using music and stories. Carl performs on modern, historic and ethnic instruments from the US, South America, Japan, India, Ireland, Greece and other countries.

Casco Bay Tummlers

School workshops focusing on klezmer music and dancing while teaching about Jewish culture and history.