Carl Dimow

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Bass Flute for Carl Dimow

No talk here of Meaning, it's all –ing, raw urge that nudges the wall between music and noise. Now the man kisses

his mouthpiece, hums it into a swarm buzzing out from the silver hive. Now it's the sound of key clatter and wheeze,

sound of the unmuffled gut set free to bluster and honk, the drowsy heart ungagged, as if this instrument wants

to be more than notes on a page: demands to be amped up past soothing ooohs, oomphed out through spheres, ousted far beyond fa-la-la.

It pulls the man to his toes, then bends him in half. It wants to be bad, to beatbox, batter his breath, hiss and clang like steam heat.

It wants to riff till the rafters fall, and won't let the man go until it's emptied him out, soul and sweat and spit.

Betsy Sholl

(Maine Poet Laureate , 2006-2011)

Published in Brilliant Corners,
a Journal of Jazz and Literature


July, 2017

Yes, it's four years later and I'm finally updating my news.  I've recently retired after 36 years (whoa!) of teaching lessons at Colby College.  (I'm still teaching in my home studio and plan to continue for many years).  Anyway, perhaps I'll have more time to keep this website up to date....we'll see.  

I've been very busy this summer with performances and creative projects.  An upcoming highlight is the National Flute Association Convention in Minneapolis - Aug. 9 - 13.  At 1pm on the 12th, Chris Potter, a renowned low flute specialist, will be performing Dreams of Yesterday and Tomorrow, the bass flute movement from my Klezmer Suite!  I'm heading out to the convention to hear her performance and take in some of the other wonderful concerts and workshops.  

October, 2013

I'm thrilled to announce that the Beija-Flor Duo from Montreal has just released a new CD which includes my Klezmer Suite, along with works by Bartok, Imamovic, and others. The CD is titled MUZICA GITANA, dances and complaints of oriental Europe.
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August, 2013

New CD! The Acadia Session has just been released. In the summer of 2012, Italian jazz vocalist Giuppi Paone was in Portland visiting our mutual friend, Julie Goell. Giuppi and I had a very informal improv session one evening at Julie's home. The following week we went into Acadia Recording Company for a very relaxed recording session. We were joined by Mark Tipton (trumpet), John Clark (bass), and Hayes Porterfield (percussion). There was no goal, plan or arrangements. The session ranged from free improvisation to very deconstructed standards and folk songs. Paone took the recordings back to Italy, edited them, and released the recording, The Acadia Session, on the Zone di Musica label

Purchase a download of the recording here. There's more info on my CD page.

Here are some review comments:
"Capture(s) an intimate moment of improvisational wizardry and musical freedom." Portland Phoenix - Full review here
"The Acadia Session" shows that very good things can happen in the musical moment. Portland Press Herald - Full review here

May, 2013

Klezmer Suite published! My Klezmer Suite for Flute and Guitar has been picked up by ALRY Publications. The Suite appears on my recording border crossings with Nathan Kolosko. I self published it in 2011, not long after our CD came out. It's already had performances in Canada and Australia. Working with ALRY presents the possibility for wider distribution and more performances.

Upcoming Performances


Thursday, Sept. 7, 7:00
Casco Bay Tummlers
Blue, Congress St. Portland

Sunday, Sept. 10 - 2pm
Casco Bay Tummlers
Grand Opening of new Jewish Community Association building
1342 Congress St., Portland

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 8:30
Choro Louco
Blue, Congress St. Portland

Thursday, Oct. 5, 7:00
Casco Bay Tummlers
Blue, Congress St. Portland

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 8:30
Choro Louco
Blue, Congress St. Portland

Saturday, Oct. 14, 7:30
Casco Bay Tummlers with Sruli and Lisa
Mayo Street Arts, Portland

Thursday, Nov. 2, 7:00
Casco Bay Tummlers
Blue, Congress St. Portland

Saturday, Nov. 11, 7:30
Choro Louco
Saco River Theater, Buxton, ME

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 8:30
Choro Louco
Blue, Congress St. Portland