Carl has a life long passion for pursuing creativity and artistry through music. Here are some of the ongoing projects he is involved with.

Casco Bay Tummlers

The Casco Bay Tummlers Klezmer Band

Carl has been performing with the Tummlers for over twenty years. The Tummlers have released three CD's and have toured Europe performing at festivals in Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Lithuania. Their concerts have been featured on Maine Public Television and Radio. They created and performed the music for the world premiere of "Manifest" at Portland Stage Company. In 2010 they recorded Carl's original film score for Mon-noM, a Belgian documentary.

Kolosko-Dimow Duo

The Kolosko-Dimow Duo

Carl has been collaborating with critically acclaimed guitarist Nathan Kolosko since 2005. They have released two recordings, nos•tal•gia – music from Brazil, Venezuela & Argentina and border crossings. nos•tal•gia features works by Villa-Lobos, Antonio Lauro, Baden Powell and others. Border Crossings primarily features their original compositions.
"...such artistry, you may find yourself levitated a few inches off the floor...the sound is both celestial and lively." - Portland Press Herald


Bill Soliloquy and the Night Machine

This quintet is dedicated to performing Carl's original jazz compositions. The name of the band came from a dream. "It was about eight years ago that I woke up from a dream in which I had started a new band. The only things I remembered from the dream were that my friend Hayes was playing drums, and the name of the band was Bill Soliloquy and the Night Machine. I have no idea where this came from, but it made a big impression and I finally put the band together in 2012."

Resonance Residence

The Resonance Residence

The Resonance Residence is an unusual improvising trio. The music they perform is created on the spot and draws on a wide variety of influences: world music, folk music, classical composition and jazz. Think sound sculpture and musical conversation. The pieces range from serious to silly – with an emphasis on beauty and resonance.

The musicians are Carl on flutes and occasional strings, vocalist Andrea Goodman and Mark Tipton on trumpet. They have been performing together since 2002.

Some significant past projects:

She Who Loves


Carl composed and performed the music for this production with the award-winning Figures of Speech Theater.  The show, which opened to rave reviews in 2001, is an adaptation of a Comanche legend of a girl who saves her village from drought. The style of presentation is abstract and meditative, drawing heavily on the Japanese Noh style of masked theater and movement. Performed in intimate theatrical spaces by vocalist Andrea Goodman, musician Carl Dimow, puppeteer Carol Farrell and dancer Mia Kanazawa.


Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble

Carl spent about five years doing concerts with this ensemble, performing Turkish and Arabic folk and classical music. The core of the group is the remarkable duo of Amos Libby on oud and vocals and Eric La Perna on percussion. Carl still joins them for an occasional performance.